celebrity veneers

Veneers Teeth for Your Excellent Appearance

Veneers teeth is one way that can make your teeth look excellent. This method can be your option to make your teeth good looking and nice. Now, you can smile brightly without worrying your teeth. Usually, people do this way to improve their appearance. They use it to cover their teeth from other people. The simple way is we cover our bad looking teeth appearance with the good looking teeth […]

supernumerary teeth causes

Get Rid Of Supernumerary Teeth

Supernumerary teeth are a condition when people have extra teeth that more a lot than the amount of ordinary people teeth have. This kind of condition make the owner of the teeth has additional teeth than normal series and the additional teeth can be found in almost any area of the dental part. This is a serious condition since it is really troubled when you have more teeth than you […]

deep teeth cleaning

Teeth Cleaning to Keep Your Healthy Teeth

Teeth cleaning are an action that people do to clean their teeth when the teeth become dirty or get stain. This kind of action becomes one of people consideration since it is very important thing to do. Moreover, if they are enjoy the food or drink that can destroy the teeth such as coffee, sugar, hot food, spicy food, tea, and other foods or drinks that can easily destroy the […]

homemade teeth whitening paste

Try Your Own Homemade Teeth Whitening

Homemade teeth whitening is a product that you can made by your own when you want to make your teeth look whiter and keep looking clean all the time. Well, actually it is not easy since we all absolutely more prefer the instant way to clean our teeth that do something trouble and hard. We used to put a little effort of everything. Moreover, we are really like to enjoy […]

veneers crooked teeth

How to Take Care Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth is a condition that really serious which is related to your teeth. The teeth appearance when you have this kind of condition is your teeth just like out of order, they are so mess up that make you don’t want to look the teeth. This condition make your face look so bad, you even feel that yourself ugly because the teeth condition influence your appearance especially your facial […]

vampire teeth implants

Teeth Implants for Beautiful Teeth

Teeth implants or dental implant is one of the actions that you can take when you lost your teeth. The implant use titanium as the material since the material is the right material that can imitate the appearance of the teeth. Titanium is a material from metal family that has silver color. The material has high strength with low density. This material is just like our teeth which are can […]

wisdom teeth removal recovery

Wisdom Teeth Recovery Process

Wisdom teeth recovery process is a process to recover the pain after wisdom teeth are grown. After you did surgery to remove your wisdom teeth, there are some steps which should be done by you in recovering your teeth. To recover the wisdom teeth pain, it takes two weeks at least after the surgery. Pain is the feeling which is surely experienced by you. After the surgery, pain is felt […]

dentist teeth whitening

Process of Zoom Teeth Whitening

Zoom teeth whitening is the bleaching process to make your darken teeth become white teeth. This kind of process usesthe 25 percent hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is break down then enters the enamel and dentin then the hydrogen then bleach the sub stained. That can make your teeth become the white one. What are the causes which can make your teeth become darken? For the first is smoke. Smoking is […]